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          Automatic Surgical Mask Making Machine

          2020-06-01 11:05:59 eppack 61

          Machine is a unit of fully automatic ear loop mask making machine, which produces inner ear loop mask. Machine is composed with aluminum alloy structure, PLC control, automatic ultrasonic sealing, automatic nonwoven fabric folding & elastic band cutting. It requires 2 operators, one is to load blank masks manually, the other one is to collect mask from conveyor.

          Mask size

          175*95mm  (adult)

          Machine capacity

          100 pieces per minutes

          Installation power & Voltage

          11 KW & 220V or customized

          Air Pressure


          Non-Woven Fabric size (outer pieces)

          Width: 200mm

          Melt Blown Fabric size (filter pieces)

          Width: 180mm

          Non-Woven Fabric size (inner pieces)

          Width: 210mm

          Nose wire

          Width: 3mm plastic or metal

          Elastic ear band

          Width: 150mm each side *2