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          Guangzhou Yipu SWOP2019 packaging exhibition review

          2020-03-13 12:50:32 益普包裝 196

          We sincerely thank the friends from all walks of life for the development of packaging industry

          Full of enthusiasm, open up and forward to fly

          Here, I make it official

          Ipp's swop2019 packaging show has come to a successful conclusion

          2019swop packaging exhibition has closed

          Even though it only lasts four days

          But ipp packaging has always been a popular gathering place

          Packaging machinery industry exchange, make friends, mutual learning, discussion platform

          The scene of the retrospective exhibition

          There still seemed to be a great deal of noise in my ears

          There was a constant stream of participants

          In early winter, Shanghai is suddenly warm and cold

          But either on the product inquiry order

          Or the exchange of old and new customers to visit, the scene is lively

          The exhibition has been so successful

          We can't do without your efforts and support

          Thanks to the friends and partners who came to the exhibition

          Thank you for your advice and help to ipp packaging

          Thank you for your trust and support to ipp packaging

          After the exhibition, ipp packaging will continue to go all out

          Climb the peak, with the final products and services to return to everyone

          Special thanks to

          Xinhua machinery, jiewei vision provide equipment and personnel with us

          See you next year!