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          Automatic bagging machine2.0

          2021-02-04 15:11:29 eppack 173

          We keep asking ourselves in machine R&D, what do customers want, can we do better?

          The automatic bagging machine 2.0 was born under the atmosphere of "if you don't learn or make progress, you will eventually be eliminated by society".

          Compared with the previous generation, we have made an integrated steel structure change, and the rigidity of the equipment is enhanced, and the overall structure will not be loosened due to frequent moving and adjustment.

          In terms of color matching, we also use the vibrant orange of the same series as our brand logo.

          The structure of the cutter has been optimized to avoid  broken/sticky during the packaging process due to the characteristics of the packaging material. The compatibility of the machine is more convenient, not only compatible with a variety of products, but also product changeover  less than 5 minutes.

          For the first time, the remote control is installed. during the current epidemic period, remote real-time program debugging help us improve efficiency.

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